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For lovers of these shoes a heartening news: the ankle woman lead well both in the fall and winter! More and more we see it for the summer ankle roads combined with shorts, shirts or a light summer dresses. From TOMAcalzature are laced BLACK GARDENS, amphibians BLACK GARDENS, ankle CAFe NOIR, Elisa Mey ankle, ankle MERCHANT OF FLOWERS, ankle BIRKENSTOCK.

TOMA footwear offers the most current models; choose now your ankle as favorite woman! A lot of the models proposed by Nero Giardini shoes, scaproncini and amphibians in many different ways or CAFe Noir shoes!

Very comfortable amphibians calf of Merchant of Flowers, an excellent Made in Italy, a quality product at a Piotrowska. Very trendy, the polacchiniinvece proposed by PENELOPE shoes.
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The amphibious a footwear designed for soldiers at war, now a fashion accessory, even from the red carpet in fashion shows The style that never loses ground, the so-called "trench" that always goes on the attack with different clothes and accessories that make them irresistible and original! Can you match an over vest, heavy cloth, wearing tight waist and a romantic longuette, tulle and leather, lace ... The amphibians are an indispensable part in the army, in the equipment of the soldier because I allow a walk correct on any type of surface, ground, so as not to cause damage to the soldiers, allowing him to move easily in the most difficult terrain, because they present a tank sole, and have the presence of breathable pads which allow the foot comfort without sweating. Most of the time the amphibians have a fabric reinforced to ensure that not become damaged or tear.

Today the same principle of the army amphibians are realized productions of Donna, more current and fashionable, a particular type of boots from the tread sole, the tin material and dark color, waterproof and comfortable, allowing walking on moist soil or water without the foot baths.

Several types of Brands are inspired on this type of shoe that is always in good taste ensuring the highest quality, that's because TOMAcalzature only sells brands that create shoes amphibious woman with quality materials like: Leather, Suede, Nubuck.

The woman amphibians you can match a lot of outfits fashion, even on models in black or in different patterns. You can also wear a dress in mini-dress. Amphibians may be higher at the ankle, printed leather or not, good to combine under a jacket in fur !!

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