Uncle boots Nero Giardini and booties CAFe NOIR

If the boots are too long and normal shoes too short, then the happy medium are the logs. By TOMA shoes are boots Nero Giardini, logs Merchant of Flowers, logs Cafe Noir.

When you're feeling in the mood for comfort and to keep our feet on the ground the black ankle boots by low woman gardens like the biker is the right choice, but if you want to be a bit 'in the clouds by TOMA footwear'll find many models with heels like boots and shoes Nero Giardini CAFè NOIR.

The history of ankle boots Black Women Gardens evolved over time: the forms and trends have changed. Until some time ago camperos and Texans were the models more, while for quite some time now have been forcefully made off the biker boots and Chelsea Boots, less demanding, no heel, and with that style a bit 'rock that we like so much. The logs from woman usually arrive just above the ankle or at most to the height of the calf: their main characteristic is its versatility because, being a middle adapt to more than one style. Furthermore, to the delight of all women who spend hours deciding what to put, they are easy to match: look good on skinny jeans or a cigarette, but also on socks and leggings.

Various models proposed this year by Nero Giardini shoes, shoes CAFe NOIR, Flower Merchant.
Browse in our catalog through our selection of boots Nero Giardini with and without heels. All designer shoes Nero Giardini, Café Noir boots and shoes Flower Merchant!

The boots are definitely a woman's shoe model which is part of the investments as give great satisfaction and can be used in the cold weather of recent seasons, some models in spring seasons of which are having much success in fashion.

The logs are surely very versatile woman booties: suitable for every type of risk because they become a suitable accessory for summer evenings when you want to feel very feminine, or on other occasions of use, a rainy day in town or a picnic spring, an important evening, or a boring business meeting. For every season! For the transition period, in early spring, rainy winter: From the classic socket Nero Giardini with medium heel, below the ankle with side zip, and then get to the versions from high heels, thin or wedge, enriched with strap cavilgia or studs or double zip or slip on closure clinging and sexy elastic bands. The socket Black Gardens are ideal, one to wear for special occasions women's shoes Our Brands have given to the imagination creating fashion boots ever made in fact nel'assortimento of TOMAcalzature you can find everything that's suitable for your inspiration, style and personality.

Choosing a pair of shoes online must serve to make you feel at ease, you think that you can buy directly from home your favorite logs on TOMAcalzature.