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Haflinger Crafts tradition

HAFLINGER in over 110 years of our history is inextricably linked to the natural materials and care in processing. In 1955 came the first success of the shoe from hut to Haflinger. Followed by expansion, innovation and always new creations. Today, as then, the company's slippers Jesse-Schuh GmbH pursue a single goal: to win over people with the comfort of natural materials and high quality workmanship.

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The sturdy wool felt Classic Grizzly clog surrounds the foot nicely. The wool absorbs up to 100% of its own weight of moisture, issuing the same amount. This ensures optimum comfort with every step. Warm in winter. Cool in summer. The footbed lightweight and flexible cork and latex provides perfect support. TOMA footwear is the official distributor of Haflinger slippers.

Online sales HAFLINGER slippers

Even wool slippers offer all the benefits of natural wool. The fulled wool, very elastic, it conforms to the shape of the foot, easily adhering to it like a second skin. The arch support ensures optimum comfort. The double felt soles is imbued with natural latex, detail, which makes it non-slip and moisture repellent (washable at 30 ° C). TOMA footwear is the official distributor of Haflinger slippers, large collection purchased online.

Haflinger uses for his slippers, only natural materials - fulled wool, wool felt, cork and latex footbeds - giving priority to a correct handling.

In the production takes into account the different types of fit and of the need of soft soles, sturdy and non-slip. The wool felt and wool can be washed up to 30 degrees in an instant and clean as new!

The felt used for models Haflinger possesses the natural characteristic to the foot breathe while maintaining the proper temperature in contact with the skin. Together with other natural materials used, such as cork and natural latex, provides the perfect comfort in both winter and summer.

Haflinger shoes you can wear all year round, as they leave the feet dry and has a pleasant freedom of movement.

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