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Havaianas ... I do not think there are many people who do not know this brand, especially travelers! The story is perhaps less known, and it is a shame and it is really worth knowing. So let us tell it, so as to make us love even more our flip flops. In 1962, while the world was busy in issues far more serious, was born in Brazil Havaianas, the original, 100% rubber. Modeled on the shoe Japanese Zori. Thus began a revolution at the foot of the Brazilians, thus changing the way you walk the whole world ... The first flip flops Havaianas flip-flops, new sandals have been patented as "a new model of shoe-shaped sling" and called Havaianas in honor of Hawaiian: a brand that expresses the essence of the brand. Havaianas traditionally - store Like many of the great inventions of mankind, Havaianas has evolved ... by accident! A whole lot of flip flops designed for traditional blue and white of the brand, went green due to a technical incident. A potential disaster ended up launching a new era. The new color has been so successful that the company started to produce it with different colored straps in yellow, green, red and black. From then on, the color has become essential for customers Havaianas. Havaianas Top - Shop online Ten years later, with only four colors and a model available, the Havaianas had become more popular than ever among the low-income Brazilians. The famous flip-flop was so deeply rooted in Brazilian society that the government has included in the basic necessities such as rice monitoring it, to control inflation. Brazilians can do without many things, but not of their Havaianas! In 1998, the brand has supported Brazil in the World Cup with the launch of a new line of flip flops with a small Brazilian flag on the strap. Huge hopes were not enough to bring to Brazil the first victory, but the great success of the new shoe led to Havaianas Brasil, today one of the most popular flip flops. Havaianas Brasil - Online Shop Today, Havaianas are the must-have shoe is the fashion world, where international celebrities have appeared in magazines wearing flip-flops, and in areas humble as the favelas of Brazil, for example, in which adults and children continue the same way Havaianas tradition that began in 1962. Havaianas TOP Mix - Buy online Havaianas Top Mix, a product that represents the values ​​Brazilians can only be produced in Brazil! Every year, the same factory in Campina Grande, in the northeast of Brazil produces more than 206 million pairs of Havaianas, making it the largest factory of the flip-flop of the world. Havaianas Slim Paysage - Online Shop Havaianas Slim Paysage If you want to enjoy more of Havaianas that are part of the storybook, finding them in our online shop TOMAcalzature.com


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