Byblos: shoes and bags with a more casual style and minimal for the man and the woman. official seller.

BLU BYBLOS new collection
Byblos is a ready to wear brand that brings together the past and the future in a young soul and contemporary art. Byblos was founded in 1973, expressing its infancy in the creative genius of Gianni Versace, who succeeded later by French and British Guy Paulin Keith Varty and Alan Cleaver. In 2002 the brand was acquired by Byblos Swinger International, which collects in it's own wealth of experience of Italian tailoring, made of materials research and richness of detail. In 2006, the artistic director of Byblos is assumed by Manuel Facchini: the talented fashion designer is nourished by the continuous inspiration that comes from art, design and architecture, in a creative process that constantly strives for innovation. Man and woman Byblos are current, dynamic, charismatic and independent fashion conscious but never a slave to trends. The men's and women's collections are characterized by the silhouette dry fit easy but rigorous, the layering, finishing tailoring, fine fabrics, sophisticated colors, mixtures of materials, innovative processes, sophisticated prints, the 'attention to detail and matching accessories.
Blu Byblos is the new brand of Byblos which produces shoes and bags with a more casual and minimalist.
The collection of bags and shoes Blu Byblos choose a color palette made from soft nude tones and neutrals with a scale of brown among them being the mole,
coffee and caramel tones, but even the most determined of black and gray combined with a touch of black cherry. As for the shoes instead stand out nuances Plain
black and brown.
Proposals Blu Byblos have different finish as suede or shiny materials depending on the model, the collections Blu Byblos are definitely for those who love a more casual and sports in their free time. is online sales of handbags and shoes BYBLOS, see the catalog ......
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