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TOMA footwear, view the catalog shoes Merchant of Flowers with the new collection, full of wedge sandals with bright colors but also of proposals and flat boots.
The MERCANTE DI FIORI shoes catalog, all models of boots, ankle boots or high-heeled and neckline designed for the new collection.
Many proposals MERCANTE DI FIORI for sale on our site.
Proposals for MERCANTE DI FIORI are unique and give to those who will wear an original look and very stylish., exclusive of shoes esandali Merchant of Flowers

The boot of MERCANTE DI FIORI is always the undisputed star of the winter season, from sophisticated leather delavati used effect, metal buckles, micro studs and rhinestones tone on tone, decided to give it a touch and biker boots, with or without heel for a modern which refers to urban environments.

They draw, however, more elegant equestrian-inspired style of the logs
MERCANTE DI FIORI strap and spur holder and riding boots to the upper cleverly shaped, also available in the version with high heels.
MERCANTE DI FIORI does not leave the models with heels vertigionosi and hinges, both for the boots to the inevitable ankleboot.

The sneakers do MERCANTE DI FIORI are always full of studs and microcrystals, revealing a side of glam unusual, such as the classic basketball shoes mid-height, ever so trendy thanks to the high sole, the legacy of the '80s.

Contemporary elegance for the leather or patent leather brogues that reinterpret the British style thanks to capettature and tips related to dovetail in men's style, but with the high two-tone rubber sole, or heel height 8; a feminine touch is given by the games inlays, inserts in the paint and the color combinations sought.

The neckline and Mary-jane Merncate of Flowers in suede and patent leather, inspired by the allure etiquette, and discover slightly rounded tips and heels from the heights of well-balanced, never overdone. Pastels and warm hues of autumn make the mat is ideal for the season.

Merncate of Flowers produces shoes "made in Italy" refined style and unmistakable, which is at all that craftsmanship that is also a cultural heritage of our country, for sale on
Check out our selection of shoes MERCANTE DI FIORI .....