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Cafe Noir: the Italian shoe par excellence Cafè Noir is one of the brands of Italian shoes more fashionable. The shoe Cafè Noir is recognized for his eccentricities as for his side glam'n'chic., the official dealer CAFèNOIR, currently he is working with a popular e-commerce site. adheres to FULL COLLECTION SHOP CAFéNOIR, you like a certain model and you can not find in our shop, send us an email and we deliver it to you in 48 hours. Buy shoes from CAFéNORI TOMA footwear. CAFéNOIR, Brand CAFèNOIR Italian delights us with chic women's shoes and men's shoes to suit every occasion

CAFèNOIR, brand shoes for men and women, founded in 1997 and belongs to the company Holding Tuscany. The company exports very successfully in the international market. The constant growth of the brand of shoes CAFèNOIR is proof of its success. Style, quality and affordable prices are the three characteristics that the brand of shoes CAFèNOIR manages to harmonize. Quality of style and technique come together to build the personality of the brand of shoes CAFèNOIR. The shoes CAFèNOIR capture on the fly avant-garde trends and combines seasonal ingredients with tradition and classic style, achieving a result that does not pass unnoticed. The bags CAFèNOIR represent an evolution in the range of accessories, where class and imagination meet to please all women. The shoes CAFèNOIR are in line with the trends and fashion for men and women. Dynamic, modern, shoes CAFèNOIR go hand in hand with time. The collection CAFèNOIR for men, sports, glamor or casual: various styles are all represented by the brand, so that everyone can identify with CAFèNOIR and shine your look! The Italian brand CAFèNOIR delights us with classy shoes for women than for men, suitable for any occasion. Café Noir is an Italian company, world leader in the manufacture of footwear, handbags and accessories of quality. CAFèNOIR ropone with each collection of shoes and bags his style, that integration of classical and traditional design in a more creative, imaginative and at the forefront of most fashion trends of the moment. Café Noir offers footwear of all types and for all seasons. For men there are, for example, various models of loafers and sneakers CAFèNOIR Stonefly similar to the model in various colors, including fuchsia or bright yellow, perfect for a summer look and maybe take in the sea with pants cuffed and a shirt. For the colder seasons there are classic shoes in leather and CAFèNOIR many models of boots Café Noir. The shoes are among the passions of women, and their variety is even more extensive. Sabot with some nice heels or flip flops in leather are perfect for a stroll on the beach or in bikini with a sarong, including a swim and another. For output in evening dress Café Noir also offers elegant pumps with a heel. Café Noir also offers bags: you want a clutch bag, a shopping bag or purse, you can choose the right model in its collections, and always with the guarantee of quality and style that have made the made ​​in Italy famous all over the world .

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