List of products by manufacturer NERO GIARDINI, wide selection of shoes, boots, sandals, sneakers, bags for men and women all made by well-known designer brand Marche NeroGiardini.

Nero Giardini Italian brand that guarantees quality and real Made in Italy, the choice to produce all its shoes in an Italian factory, unlike almost all other Italian brands, footwear Nero Giardini is a 100% Italian product, which guarantees jobs and defends the know-how and style of the Made in Italy. In the section occasions Outlet handbags, boots, sandals, sneakers Nero Giardini discounted up to 50%.

Footwear has always Nero Giardini are synonymous with elegance, we find shoes to suit all occasions with bold patterns and refined, confirming the brand Made in Italy of high quality. The sneakers of NeroGiardini; in the new catalog, you will find the models that you like as always in high quality leather, dyed black, and some glimmer of color to give a touch of fantasy to footwear Nero Giardini. In this collection you can find classical models in patent leather and suede or leather ones, zips and studs and leave a glamorous touch. A little bit more "youthful" and are the modern sneaker Nero Giardini provided a beautiful zipper zip at the back. In the bottom of the catalog there are also sneakers knee-high, and internal wedge. Made in leather and suede inserts to give a touch of comfort in addition to fashion. If you are not a lover of heels breaths then you can opt for the most comfortable boots in suede or black leather. Ankle Boots by Black and Gardens; which shoes should not miss it your closet? This year there are certainly Ankle Boot Ankle or Nero Giardini. Beautiful to be combined under a skirt or slim pants. Nero Giardini included many simple models, but of great variety. The colors are black or brown leather, in addition of the "chic-issimi" different details for each model. A touch of refinement and special, and certainly the stub NeroGiardini leather strap and a fiber around the ankle. As an alternative to strap you can also find a zip or double buckle and studs. The studs and hinges are also of boots blacks of NeroGiardini, with low block heel biker style. If you are a lover of the English style I suggest patterns of lace Nero Giardini women. Available on the smooth surface or added reasons dovetail. But in my opinion the most sought after are the logs Nero Giardini characterized by seams - Quilted effect on upper and a cuff on the ankle. Ankle Boots Black and Gardens are full of buckles and bows instead of the ankle are decorated variants "brogue" sole and super waterproof. The wedges in a very feminine style give the right alternative to models without heels, especially if you do not want to lose a few inches. The style of shoes offered by Nero Giardini in a combination of boots and ankle boots in leather, suede and gold detailing on the ankle. NeroGiardini features classic models or basic is always an evergreen suitable for every woman, and that all should have in the wardrobe. Browse the catalog shoes Nero Giardini on Le Peep NG If you want to be stylish, they are always available, even in winter. This site provides shoes elegant and sensual as the décolleté provided to plateau. Among them are more notice the model Mary Jane, who has a virtuoso cross over the instep. The line of shoes Nero Giardini elegance, it also presents models of ankle boot adorned in bows and side zip ankle boots made ​​of metal and golden. In our store you can buy all NeroGiardini shoes, and have them at home in 24-48 hours.

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