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    The style is not just an attitude. Antony Morato exclusively produces footwear "100% Made in Italy" made ​​with love and passion by the hands of skilled craftsmen, because quality is important. is the official dealer Morato, shoes, belts, boxer and many other accessories available in our online shop.



    BIRKENSTOCK: sandal with cork and latex footbed. The plantar backbone of Birkenstock comfort: originally designed to solve problems in the feet, provides natural support for the foot, accompanying the movement., authorized store sells Birkenstock shoes and sandals. Wide range of models and sizes.

  • BYBLOS inside his shop offers a wide range of bags and shoes of the famous brand BYBLOS. Byblos shoes on sale for both men and women and several bags of the line Blu Byblos.


    Cafe Noir: the Italian shoe par excellence Cafè Noir is one of the brands of Italian shoes more fashionable. The shoe Cafè Noir is recognized for his eccentricities as for his side glam'n'chic., the official dealer CAFèNOIR, currently he is working with a popular e-commerce site. adheres to FULL COLLECTION SHOP CAFéNOIR, you like a certain model and you can not find in our shop, send us an email and we deliver it to you in 48 hours. Buy shoes from CAFéNORI TOMA footwear. CAFéNOIR, Brand CAFèNOIR Italian delights us with chic women's shoes and men's shoes to suit every occasion

  • CALVIN KLEIN is selling bags, belts and wallets for men and women designer Calvin Klein!

    In our store you can find many handbags, wallets, belts and shoes of the current season and other off in the past seasons.


    Exton offers a shoe "made on purpose" where quality and versatility remain the cornerstone of the collection points.

    EXTON buys shoes from those proposed in the catalog of TOMA footwear


    HAFLINGER slippers and shoes hut


    HAVAIANAS, the most famous, unique and original Brazilian flip flop., dealer Havaianas, the online shop offers a wide choice of rubber flip flops for men and women. sells Brazilian Havaianas flip-flops.


    Looking for casual sports shoes? Then visit the store Le Coq Sportif on

    Here you can find the latest collections of sneakers Le Coq Sportif men and women. Choose from a wide range of sports shoes that you like. Order from house model shoes Le Coq Sportif your choice!


    Merchant of Flowers, a youth brand, the strength of craftsmanship and experience in the footwear industry know-how combined with a typical Made in Italy, which leaves no room for indecision. Trendy colors for shoes Merchant of flowers, continuous research, boots and shoes made with top quality materials of the highest quality and a balanced relationship between quality and price, a truly glamorous choice.

    Choose shoes Merchant of Flowers in our catalog on Shipment will be fast and free if you exceed 99 €! Mark always free!

  • NERO GIARDINI, wide selection of shoes, boots, sandals, sneakers, bags for men and women all made by well-known designer brand Marche NeroGiardini.

    Nero Giardini Italian brand that guarantees quality and real Made in Italy, the choice to produce all its shoes in an Italian factory, unlike almost all other Italian brands, footwear Nero Giardini is a 100% Italian product, which guarantees jobs and defends the know-how and style of the Made in Italy. In the section occasions Outlet handbags, boots, sandals, sneakers Nero Giardini discounted up to 50%.

  • OSEY


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